We all know the feeling: we have just received another baby shower invitation and we don’t know what to bring! Perhaps it has been a few years since our own children were babies and we don’t quite remember what they liked and disliked back then, or perhaps we have never been around babies at all! What is the prospective shower guest to do? Easy! Visit Baby Gifts and leave inspired! This site offers ideas and insights for anyone, no matter how large or how small the budget might be.

The segment on baby showers starts the topic off with a look at proper etiquette and style when it comes to inviting (and being invited) to a shower. The baby furniture portion of the sight goes beyond style and color and instead focuses on the safety aspects, while the section of baby bedding emphasizes strategies for a safe night’s sleep.

Baby Gifts’ idea of buying baby clothes/clothing is to buy inexpensive, at closeout prices, and properly sized, while the suggestions for purchasing a baby crib do not simply state the conventional ideas but also give information on round cribs as well as portable ones. Safety is also the number one concern when it comes to baby toys and baby food.

Another segment addresses those of us who need a little extra help in putting together a functional yet lovely gift for a soon-to-be mom: baby gift baskets and baby shower gift baskets!

Baby Gifts emphasizes the many different kinds of baby songs a child will enjoy, while the baby jewelry portion of the site discusses the pros and cons of allowing an infant to wear any kind of jewelry. Baby safety is one of the most important aspects of this site, closely followed by baby adoptions, which offers a valuable link and some great insights!

Additional resources include a fertility section, baby names ideas, parenting book suggestions, baby bank account information, and also some resources for baby piggy banks!